1880 Census

The following individuals and families are the ones listed in the 1880 Springville Township Census. By opening the pages of the Census reports, one can see the changes and similarities between the Censuses.

Frank Ogden, farmer, 26, married to Dorcas Ogden, 21, with children Lulu, 1, and Henry, 3 months old. Also residing in the home is Frank’s father Hyman Ogden, 64. Frank from NY, Dorcas from Michigan and Hyman from Pennsylvania.

Henry C. Smith, farmer, 28, married to Sarah Smith, 27, with 4 children, Carin, 5, Walter K., 4, Allen, 2, and a daughter not named yet at 3 months old. They are from Indiana. Boarding with them is William Nass, farmer, 31, from Pennsylvania.

Emma Paul, widow, 36, with 6 children, Emmett C., 18, John E., 15, Eunice L., 11, L.A. (son) 4, Charles L., 2, and Leona H., 2. Emma is from New Jersey.

Gilbert Ostronder, farmer, 59, married to Betsey J. Ostronder, 37, with one step-daughter, Lydia Smith, 17, and one son, Sal, laborer, 25. Gilbert is from NY, Betsey from Michigan.

William Fitzpatrick, farmer, 47, married to Mary Fitzpatrick, 41, with two daughters, Selina, 13, and Amanda, 11. William is from Michigan, Mary and daughters from Sweden.

John Ferguson, lumberman, 36, married to Sarah Furguson, 26, with one son George R., 3, and Mirtie E., 1. John and Sarah were from Ireland.

George Shaffer, lumberman, 37, married to Maggie Shaffer, 36, with son Frank E., 3, and Elizabeth E., 1. In the same household was Ella Trip, servant, 19, from NY. George and Maggie were from Pennsylvania.

John Peterson, lumberman, 30, married to Melvina, 20. John from Sweden, Melvina from NY.

Nelson Oleson, cook in lumber camp from Sweden, 40, married Mary Oleson, assistant cook from Sweden, 29, and their son Henry, 3. Also in household (maybe the camp itself) were listed, Hans Hanson, laborer, 19, Sweden, A.P. Hog, laborer, 22, Norway, John Johnson, laborer, 19, Denmark, John Rosinoson, laborer, 20, Denmark, Louis Polson, laborer, 27, Denmark, John Swenson, laborer, 28, Sweden, Martin Peterson, laborer, 27, Sweden, Henry Larson, laborer, 40, Sweden, Alex Hardwick, laborer, 20, Posen (don’t know where this is), Nels Johnson, laborer, 20, Sweden, L.M. Newland, laborer, 22, Sweden, Swan Nelson, laborer, 40, Sweden, Martin Johnson, laborer, 25, Sweden, Robert Johnson, laborer, 20, Sweden, John Johnson, laborer, 30, Sweden, John Jacobson, laborer, 28, Sweden, Christof Bonson, laborer, 22, Sweden, John Mongoson, laborer, 22, Sweden, Par Anderson, laborer, 30, Sweden, Swan Johnson, laborer, 28, Sweden, Peter Anderson, laborer, 30, Sweden, Ole Larson, farmer, Norway, Nels Johnson, laborer, 56, Denmark, Frank Olsen, laborer, 16, Iowa, Andrew Henderson, laborer, 16, Michigan.

Sylvester Clark, farmer, 55, married to Martha Clark, 47. Sylvester from NY. Martha from Ohio. Stepson, Lincoln Finch, laborer, 19, Step-daughter, Pearl R. Finch, 16, and Step-son, Author W., 14.

William Cornwell, farmer, 27, married to Harriett Cornwell, 18, and their 2 month old daughter unnamed. William from Michigan and Harriett from NY.

Charles B. Cornwell, farmer, 63, married to Eliza J. Cornwell, 53. The record states that Charles was born “at sea.” Eliza is from NY.

Charles G. Cornwell, farmer, 26, married to Josephine Cornwell, 24, both from NY.

Corwin Cowles, farmer, 39, married to Sally M. Cowles, 42, with 6 children, Frederic C., 16, Florence A., 13, Blanch A., 10, Arthur E., 10, Edith M., 8, and Cora E., 2.

Jesse Mesick, farmer, 31, married to Lucy A. Mesick, 25, and children, Charles A., 4, and Carrie M., 1. Also a boarder living at their house, David Haskins, laborer, 48.

Milo Sperry, farmer, 53, married to Phylinda Sperry, 47, and children, Elihu, farmer, 29, and Henry, laborer, 18. Milo is from Pennsylvania and Phylinda from NY.

P.A. Ellis, farmer, 44, married to Annie Ellis, 44, and children, Ella, 15, Peter, 12, Ammy, 10, Susy, 8, Flora, 8, and John J., 4. The Ellis’ are from NY.

Ransom Butler, lumberman, 46, married to Lucy Butler, 35, with daughter Cara, 15. Boarders at this residence include these laborers, William Ricker, 27 from Maine, Martin Samuel, 25, Michigan, Martin Richpon, 18, Michigan, Thomas Calon, 23, Canada, George Parker, 20, Michigan, John Terriff, 20, Canada, Jay J. Copley, 45, Michigan.

William Baker, farmer, 22, married to Lancy Baker, 16. William from Wisconsin, and Lancy from Ohio.

Walter Dean, farmer, 27, married to Francis A., 25, with Blanch, 3 and Ina, 9 months old. Walter from NY and Francis from Canada.

Eli Gates, cooper, 42, married to Emeline C. Gates, 35, with children Vernse K., 15, Minnie J., 10, Jesse S., 5, and Leon D., 5 months old. Eli from Pennsylvania and Emeline from NY.

George Crites, farmer, 22, married to Rebecca Crites, 17. He from Canada, she from NY.

William E. Dean, farmer, 34, married to Demarius Dean, 33, with children, Evelinda, 12, Samuel E., 4, Charles E., 2, and William, 5 months old. William from Canada, Demarius from NY.

Robert Boylin, farmer, 23, married to Jennie Boylin, 28, Step-daughter, Nellie Baker, 5, and daughter Blanch, 2 months old. Robert from Indiana and Jennie from Virginia. This seems to be the same “Jane Baker” from the 1870 Census that was married to Lyman Baker. The age would fit, as would her coming from Virginia. Nellie would have been Lyman’s also.

Howard Mesick, farmer, 41, married to Elenor (Eleanor is correct spelling) Mesick, 30, with children, Walter, 13, Edward, 5, Howard, 4, John, 11 months old. Howard is from Canada. Eleanor is from Ohio.

Otis Marrell, farmer, 76, married to Julia A. Marrell, 50, with daughter Alice, 14. Otis is from Vermont. Julia from NY.

John Boylin, farmer, 64, married to Rachel Boylin, 46, with son Charles, laborer, 20, adopted son Samuel F., 12, and adopted daughter Hannah Mollie, 18. John and Rachel are from New Jersey.

George Hook, farmer, 33, married to Emily Hook, 22. George from Pennsylvania and Emily from NY. A boarder is listed at this residence, Walter Mesick, 35 from Canada. Walter at this time has lost his young wife to death at age 20.