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New Book about Springville Township coming this Spring. From the first settlers in Springville, through the changes over the years, to the present time, our township’s story is finally told.
Where did Springville Township get it’s name?
What part did the village of Sherman play?
How did Mesick become the “Crossroads” of northwest Michigan?
What became of “Ghost towns” Coline, Miner’s Rollway and Glengarry?
How was there almost a Buckley Dam, a Sherman Dam and a Mesick Dam?
Why did Springville shrink from 216 square miles to the current 36 square miles?
Was Mrs. Howard Mesick’s name “Eleanor” or “Ellenor?”
These and many more questions are answered in Dr. Ben Townsend’s new book – “T23 North, R12 West:  The Story of Springville Township, Michigan.”
SPECIAL BOOK SIGNING MAY 19 AT THE MESICK HISTORICAL MUSEUM FROM 10-4. Special book signing deal of $15 each, $5 off the retail price. 


We would like to welcome you to the Springville Township website. Please get to know us in a personal way. Since 1868 when William Dean was the first Supervisor we have been elected by the people to serve the people in this special Michigan township. Springville is a “General law township” as opposed to a few townships in Michigan which are “Charter townships.”


 What Does Springville Township Do?

State Law mandates our township perform three main duties, assessment administration, elections administration and tax collection. Thus, the three main officer’s functions, the Supervisor, the Clerk and the Treasurer. Also, we have procedures for financial administration, which are budgets, accounting, investments and deposits. Our Township Meetings must comply with Michigan’s Open Meetings Act (MCL 15.231, et seq.) and township records must be stored and made available through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA – MCL 15.231, et seq.).

Beyond those mandated functions, the township also supplies needed programs for the people in the area, such as the Fire Department and overseeing cemeteries. Basically, the township can offer services that protect the health, safety and welfare of the communities within its jurisdiction.