Board of Review

Assessor, Jay Roundhouse,
Great Lakes Assessing
P.O. Box 325 Cadillac, MI 49601

2023 Meetings

This year the Board of Review will have an organizational meeting on a Tuesday the second week of March  at the Springville Township Community Center. The public meetings will be as follows:

Anyone who has questions or problems with their property taxes will have these dates to have the BOR and the Assessor address these questions for the record.

BOR Members

The BOR is made up of citizens and property owners of Springville Township. Keith Hoover is the board of review member. He has had Michigan Township Association training as to how to be effectively helping people with property tax questions on the Board of Review.

Other Information about the BOR

Each year in March, the Township Board of Review listens to property owners who come to the township complex in order to get more information on their property taxes for the previous year. Many of the people who come did not know about the Homestead property tax change back in 1995 and wish to have their property listed as Homestead property. This drastically reduces their property taxes. People who are veterans in the armed services come to get their properties exempt from property taxes. Others come to get more information as to the assessment of their property.

The Township Supervisor resides over the Board of Review meetings as the assessment manager of the township. Assessor Jay Roundhouse takes much time and expertise explaining how property taxes are calculated.

Assessor Jay Randolph and Board Member Bruce Smith

Assessor Jay Roundhouse and Past Board Member Bruce Smith

The Township Board of Review is made up of a township elector and an alternate. In March they spend two days of twelve total hours meeting with property owners who come in to inquire about their property assessment. The board meets three other times during the year to take care of other property situations.