Community Center Rental


Send signed Rental Agreement to:
Community Center Coordinator
P.O. Box 11
Mesick, MI 49668

This is the process to rent the Community Center for gatherings, Birthdays, retirements, parties, banquets or other reasons.
1. Download the Rental Form below and fill it out with the details needed.
2. Send the signed form to Springville Township in care of the Community Center Coordinator to PO Box 11, Mesick, Michigan 49668.
3. Send the Deposit check with the Form. Do not send cash. (NOTE: Deposit check must be separate from Rental Fee in number 5. Both checks will be made out to Springville Township.)
4. Your phone number on the form will be called by the Community Center Coordinator to confirm the date of your gathering. If there is already a rental for that day, options will be discussed for other possible dates.
5. The Rental Fee will be paid at least 30 days before the gathering. (NOTE: This Rental Fee must be a separate check than the Deposit check in number 3 and is based on being a Resident of Springville Township, a Non-resident of Springville Township, or an Organization. These fees are all spelled out on the form below. Make any checks out to Springville Township.)
6. Keys (if needed) will be given before the gathering and a time for setup will be given for the day of or the day before if possible or needed. Generally, renters will be met personally, and doors will be unlocked before the event starts.
7. An instruction sheet will be hanging on the premises also which will show how the room should be cleaned afterwards.
8. Keys will be given back, and room will be checked before returning deposit.

If you need to ask any questions or see if a date you have in mind is already taken, please call 231-885-1390. Please leave a message, as the township has no offices. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Download and Fill out Form – Rental Agreement