Community Center/Library


Building Drawings from DK Design – (Downloadable PDF version)

Springville Township has purchased the hardware building in town for the purpose of changing it into an all-purpose, all-people activity Community Center and Library.

By the time it is finished, the old Hardware building will be a beautiful 6000 square foot modern complex which will draw groups of people from our township and the surrounding townships for activities for all ages and groups of people. The New Community Center will hold upwards of 200 people for church fellowships, Anniversaries, Birthday parties, Wedding receptions, and many more types of activities. It will also be used as a central location for a voting place for elections.

There will also be a 2400+ square foot library which will be a totally new and upgraded extension library of the Cadillac Wexford Public Library. Much more room and many more books and computers as the current library moves into this building.

The excitement is already starting to grow for this new facility which will be a crown jewel for our community. This page will be a continuing account of the process of renovating the building into a useful and beautiful complex which will be a constant blessing to our township and surrounding townships.

Attachment A – Complete 42 page Traverse City Home Inspections Report – click on PDF below which will open on a new page.


Drip ceiling at entrance of building

Drop Ceiling in Community Center

Drop Ceiling in Library