The Township Clerk, Stacy Brewer, will be at the community center on Saturday July 30, 2022, from 9 am – 5 pm for voter registration and absentee ballots as well.

Stacy and her election team work all of the elections in which national, state, county, and township officials run every four years or whenever new elections are mandated for local resolutions to be passed. State Primaries and even School Board elections are run each time with efficiency. Election classes are attended by each worker every year, updating the new regulations and testing all the voting machines to ensure they work perfectly.


These township residents work long hours to ensure every vote is counted properly and sent in to the county election clerk in order to be sent into the state election commission. Over 700 electors voted in the past general election, which means this team efficiently handled almost 60 voters each hour the polls were open.


They work late into the night making sure everything is tabulated properly before delivering the final envelope to the County Clerk in Cadillac.