Fire Department

STFD Officers: Garry Jewett, Chief; Jim Mori, Assistant Chief; Chris Hamblin, Captain
Firefighters: Damon Johnson, Nick Hawkins, Christine Sickles, Billy Salter, Todd Hoskins, Megan Trowbridge, Joe Salter, Tom Stag, Bruce Strang, Walter Simmons.

2017 Fire Runs: STFD was toned for 59 responses. Calls in each township was as follows:
Springville Township, 28 calls: 4 structure fires, 2 vehicle fires, 1 chimney fire, 4 false alarms, 1 assist to Mesick Rescue Squad, 9 PIA/PDA and 7 downed power lines.
Antioch Township, 13 calls: 1 structure fire, 1 illegal burn, 8 PIA/PDA and 2 downed power lines.
Hanover Township, 3 calls: 1 structure fire, 1 PIA and 1 downed power line.
Wexford Township, 3 calls: 1 vehicle fire, 1 PIA and 1 downed power line.
Also responded to 12 mutual aid incidents: 7 structure fires, 2 wildland fires, 2 PIA and 1 downed power line. (Note: 6 responses with Buckley, 4 with Greenwood/Colfax, 1 with Harrietta and 1 with Manistee County.

With an emergency, call 911. Or you can call the Firebarn at 231-885-2729. The mailing address is Springville Township Fire Department, Station 800, PO Box 72, Mesick, Michigan 49668.img_4337The Springville volunteer Fire Department is a great asset for this township and surrounding townships. The Fire Department covers Springville Township, neighboring Antioch Township, and two partial townships to the North, Wexford and Hanover Townships. This equals over 108 square miles with the farthest distance being only 8 or 9 miles away.

img_2436aThe Fire Department provides up to four vehicles to fight almost any kind of house or business fire.

img_2428Extensive training and up to date equipment are necessary to be ready for any challenge that comes their way.