NewsClips 1800s

The following are some novelty news stories from newspapers around the state concerning Springville Township. It is difficult to believe the entire township was covered with massive trees that would astound any observer back in the 1800s. The pines were tall and most needed in all kinds of wood products. The ground padded with pine needles left very little brush or greenery, very few small critters, and even the Native Americans would not live in the “Big Woods.”

1 ) Detroit Free Press – March 19, 1869 – Sherman Courthouse Being built. (Note: Mr. Wheeler supplied the lumber to build the courthouse from his mill on Wheeler Creek. Laborers from the community, specifically the Baker’s and Jewett’s from Springville worked on this building.)


2) 36 Inches of Snow in Springville Township on April 1. No April fools joke either. Detroit Free Press – April 19, 1872


3) 6,152 Pounds of Maple Sugar Made in Springville Township. Also, Sherman Pioneer paper started. And notice the potato bug appearing. Detroit Free Press – May 19, 1872.


4) The Mesick Brothers Killed 28 Deer in one hunting season. Detroit Free Press – December 27, 1874.


5) The Story of Cleon Township Joining Wexford County. Detroit Free Press – March 9, 1875.


6) Giant Tree Cut Down in Wexford County. Alpena Argus – March 15, 1876. (Note: Makes our trees now look like branches.)


7) Walter Mesick Caught a 400 Pound Bear ALIVE!!! Detroit Free Press – May 14, 1876.


8) Flour Mill at Sherman Destroyed by Fire. – Detroit Free Press – December 4, 1877.


9) A Sad Story Shows the Hearts of the People and the Sheriff. – Detroit Free Press – July 29, 1882.


10) Another Large Tree Shows the Decline of Pine Giants. – The True Northern Paw Paw – January 30, 1889. (Note: Just 14 years from the last giant tree shows what the forests in Wexford and Springville Township were really like.)