North Country Trail

The North Country Trail is a jewel of a find as it winds its way along the Manistee River through Springville Township and beyond. The NTC actually starts in New York State and travels all the way into Minnesota. But the most beautiful part of the journey is along the Manistee in Michigan. Here is Springville Township, the Trail follows the Hodenpyl Pond through the Northern Exposure Campground and then along the Manistee River where past railroads were cut for the trains which took the lumber out of the area. Click on the map below to view in a larger size. For a much larger view of the map that can be enlarged to study each and every trail, click on the PDF below the picture of the map.


The PDF will open in a new window that can be expanded greatly. Click on the link for the PDF of the North Country Trail in Springville Township and beyond. north-country-trail-springville