People of 1908

These are the people from Springville Township that are listed in the back of the Wexford County Atlas of 1908 that were significant people in that day. Most of them are farmers in the Township who went to get their mail at the closest United States Post Office once per week or once per month. The Section of the Township listed with each name should place the name in that section of the Township Map which is here. Any corrections to spelling or other sections, please inform us and we will make those after verifying reason for the change. Thank you.

Springville Township People 1908

Name                           Occupation      Section of Township                Place they got mail
At Lee, A. L.,               Farmer,            S. 9, Springville Twp,                   Mesick

George W.                    Farmer,            S. 13, Springville Twp,                 Mesick
Bentley, James,          Farmer,            S. 13, Springville Twp,                 Mesick
Bodi, Win,                    Farmer,            S 27, Springville Twp,                  Yuma
Bowerman, John,       Farmer,            S. 11, Springville Twp,                  Mesick
Bowerman, S. E.,        Farmer,            S. 24, Springville Twp,                 Mesick
Bunyea, E. G.,               Farmer,            S. 1, Springville Twp,                    Mesick
Burton, Albert,             Farmer,            S. 10, Springville Twp,                  Mesick
Burton, L.,                      Farmer,            S. 10, Springville Twp,                  Mesick
Bushaw, Frank,             Farmer,            S. 11, Springville Twp,                    Mesick
M.J. Claggett,                 Farmer and Real Estate, S. 2, Springville Twp,  Sherman
Crow, S. G.,                     Farmer,            S. 5, Springville Twp,                     Mesick
Engler, J. W.,                   Farmer,            S. 3, Springville Twp,                     Bagnall
Faught, O. A.,                  Farmer;            S. 2, Springville Twp,                     Mesick
Galloway, W. W.,       Farmer and Township Treasurer, S. 10, Springville Twp, Mesick
Garrett, John,                  Farmer,            S. 34, Springville Twp,                   Yuma
Gibson, T. A.,                   Farmer,            S. 9, Springville Twp,                     Bagnall
Greenfield, Bert,             Farmer,            S. 23, Springville Twp,                    Mesick
Greenfield, Win.,             Farmer,            S. 22, Springville Twp,                   Mesick
Hamilton, F. N.,               Farmer,            S. 21, Springville Twp,                    Yuma
Hawk, George,                  Farmer,            S. 24, Springville Twp,                Sherman.
George Hawk served in Company D, 32nd Ohio Vol. Infantry; 5 years in Regular Army, and ‘three years under Custer

Heath, J. S.,                       Farmer,            S. 16, Springville Twp,                 Mesick
Hoseit, A.,                          Farmer,            S. 15, Springville Twp,                 Mesick
Jewett, James,                   Farmer,            S. 14, Springville Twp,                Mesick
Kelley, J. W.,                      Farmer,            S. 10, Springville Twp,                Mesick
Kirkby,.S. B.,                     Farmer,            S. 34, Springville Twp,                 Yuma
Lawrence, T. A.,               Farmer,            S. 4, Springville Twp,                   Mesick, Parnner,                                                         S. 23, Springville Twp,                Mesick
McClish, L:,                        Farmer,            S. 12, Springville Twp,               Mesick
Neddo, Wm. T..                 Farmer,            S. 14, Springville Twp,               Mesick
Nichols, James,                 Farmer,            S. 9; Springville Twp,                  Mesick
Nixon, H. M.,                     Farmer,            S. 11, Springville Twp,                Mesick
Patzwall, R.,                        Farmer,            S. 4, Springville Twp,                 Mesick
Resler, C. D.,                       Farmer,            S. 12, Springville Twp,                Mesick
Samuel,                                Farmer,             S. 27, Springville Twp,                Yuma
Smith, A. J.,                         Farmer,            S. 26, Springville Twp,                 Yuma
Smith, H. C.,                       Farmer,            S. 26, Springville Twp,                 Yuma
Sowle, H.,                             Farmer,            S,. 15, Springville Twp,                 Mesick
Stone, Roy,                           Farmer,            S. 2, Springville Twp,                   Mesick
Sutton, A. O.,                       Farmer,            S. 33, Springville Twp,                  Yuma
Thalman, R., Foreman of Wood Department of Chemical Works, S. 27, Springville Twp, Yuma
Thompson, J.,                      Farmer,            S. 10, Springville Twp,                  Mesick
Thompson, Z.,                     Farmer,            S. 12, Springville Twp,                  Mesick
Toman, Joseph,           Dealer in Fresh and Salt meats, S. 27, Springville Twp, Yuma
Toman, Sam’l.,                   Farmer,            S. 22, Springville Twp,                  Mesick
Wheeler, Kate,                     Farmer,            S. 9, Springville Twp,                    Mesick
Wing, ER. D.,                        Farmer,            S. 34, Springville Twp,                  Yuma