Township Zoning

Springville Township is Zoned by the Wexford Joint Planning Commission. For any zoning needs anyone in Springville Township has you may go on the WJPC Website and download their application. For assistance, you may call the WJPC at 231-775-1138, extension 6 and talk to Bob or Ben. The WJPC office is open on Wednesday’s from 8-5, Thursday’s from 8-12, and Friday’s from 8-12. 

The Wexford Joint Planning Commission website is here. It is an excellent site with every guidance for anyone wishing to build in the WJPC area. It will answer all your questions as to the entire process of building whichever type of building desired. All forms are downloadable in PDF. Robert Hall is an experienced and excellent Zoning and Planning Administrator who will work with the builder to ensure proper results for all.


WJPC Zoning for Springville Township. Click on the map on the left to enlarge it. It will open in another window full size and can be zoomed in for particular sections.