NewsClips 1900s

Below are some interesting newspaper items about Springville Township from around the state. Most of these items are from 1922-1960s. We recognize and are sensitive to any living person who may be affected by any newspaper stories that would involve anyone they personally know. Most of these items are fascinating in nature of the times and will be a delight for the readers.

1)  Glengarry Cliff, 100 Foot Drop, a Cadillac Grocer, and a Springville lawsuit. Battle Creek Enquirer – September 20, 1922.


2) Mesick Area Farmers Learn to Plant Trees. – Traverse City Record Eagle – March 12, 1953.


3) Glad Festival and Homecoming Plans – Traverse City Record Eagle – August 21, 1953


4) Happenings in Mesick – Traverse City Record Eagle – May 11, 1957.



5) Close Election Decided by Springville Township Error – News Paladium Benton Harbor – August 9, 1958. (Note: This article would be a good example to everyone helping with the elections. Someone may have innocently written down the wrong number on the form to turn in. Don Guger would be delighted to know the votes are re-tabulated.)


6) New M-37 Highway Proposal – Traverse City Record Eagle – March 19, 1959.


7) 40 Acres in Springville Township Lost, then Found – The Daily Telegram Adrian – March 10, 1960.


8) Mesick School Sells Springville Township Land – Traverse City Record Eagle – July 16, 1969.


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